Vice Chairman

Gil brings over 47 years of international oil and gas experience, including 33 years leading independent owner-operator across multiple continents. He has co-founded multiple private equity backed energy companies and developed an extensive history of value creation in the upstream industry across the globe. After 12 years of leading successful government negotiations and international efforts on behalf of Texaco and Union Texas Petroleum, Mr. Labbé formed Anglo-Suisse Inc. in 1983 to pursue opportunities as an independent. Gil continued his track record of successful foreign government negotiations, securing concessions in Angola Cabinda, Offshore Morocco and Pakistan, where he operated on behalf of Phillips Petroleum and IFC of the World Bank.

He gained industry notoriety with his “White Nights” project, the first-ever US E&P Joint Venture in the USSR, where his firm successfully operated two Russian oil fields with over 1,000 wells in Northern Siberia. He returned to US centric operations in 2004 when he acquired legacy Chevron assets in GOM and realized robust return on capital before transitioning into an onshore focus in 2008. With the formation of TXON Partners, Gil established the vision to develop conventional assets and led a four-fold enterprise production growth over a four year period through A&D. Mr. Labbé received a LSc.A in Business from Laval University, speaks fluent French.