Energy Capital Vietnam’s Decarbonization Strategy Featured During U.S.-Indo-Pacific Conference 2023’s Clean Economy and Decarbonization Panel


ECV served as a sponsor of the US-ASEAN Business Council and CSIS 2nd annual conference focused on the U.S. relationship with ASEAN and the Quad

Featured speakers included Senator Bill Haggerty (R-TN), and US-ASEAN Business Council CEO Ambassador Ted Osius, and Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade Marisa Lago

Houston, TX, June 15, 2023 – The decarbonization strategy developed by Energy Capital Vietnam (ECV), a project development and holding company established as a platform for direct investment into energy and infrastructure within Vietnam, was featured during the “Clean Economy and Decarbonization” panel at the 2nd annual US-ASEAN Business Council and Center for Strategic and International Study US-Indo-Pacific Conference.

“For the last year, ECV has been in discussion with Allotrope Partners and other leading experts to create a comprehensive, replicable, and socially impactful pathway for reducing carbon emissions at the MKG power project,” said David Lewis, Chairman and CEO of Energy Capital Vietnam.

Michelle Murphy Rogers, Senior Director of the Clean Energy Advisory Practice at Allotrope Partners, was a panelist for the Clean Economy and Decarbonization panel. Joining her on the panel were Ambassador Hari Prabowo, Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Republic of Indonesia, and Lesley Bearman Lahm of the Asian Development Bank. Stephanie Segal of CSIS moderated the panel.

During her remarks, Ms. Rogers highlighted ECV’s decarbonization strategy for the Mui Ke Ga (MKG) LNG Power Project and industrial park-specific projects in southeastern Vietnam. During her remarks, Ms. Rogers presented the decarbonization strategy, saying, “Investing in a portfolio of domestic, internationally certified carbon offset projects is the type of private sector driven, commercially viable model that is really powerful.”

Lewis continued: “ECV wants to ensure our power project will align with Vietnam’s declared net-zero 2050 goals. To do that, we have engaged with best-in-class experts to develop a decarbonization strategy that we believe will bring our project to near-net zero while providing power that is at least 50 percent cleaner than coal and eliminates the dangerous toxins of sulfur, nitrous oxide, and mercury. We’re proud of our proactive approach and excited that Ms. Rogers highlighted it in her presentation.”

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