Country Director

Mr. Rockhold  has been living and working in Vietnam since 1992 and currently serves as Executive Director of the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in Viet Nam, a 2,000-member organization. Additionally, he chairs the Power and Energy Working Group within the Vietnam Business Forum (VBF), a private sector-government working group created to address energy challenges within Vietnam. The VBF consortium includes representatives from the Ministry of Planning and Investment, IFC, World Bank and 17 International Chambers of Commerce and Business Associations, including AmCham. Under his leadership the Made in Vietnam Energy Plan (MVEP) was published in 2016 to promote LNG and renewables to provide sustainable energy security plan for Vietnam. MVEP II is expected to be published in Spring of 2019. John has been involved with private sector participation within the energy sector and utilities since 1995 when he established Vietnam’s first 100% privately owned environmental consulting firm. In that role he worked with numerous State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) in the design, construction and operation of major social infrastructure projects throughout Vietnam using grant funding. In 2000 Mr. Rockhold founded Pacific Rim Investment and Management Inc. (PRIM) based in Los Angeles, California, to work with private sector companies on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) opportunities within greater Ho Chi Minh City area and throughout the Mekong Delta. He has worked with over 70 investors throughout the US, Europe and Asia regarding investment and operations of various industries. In 2011 PRIM joined with the Vietnamese firm ABBO to coordinate FDI into multiple industries, including energy. John’s firm was an early investor in wind and solar power projects and has assisted with capacity building for the Vietnamese government for international procurement and contracting to support trade agreements and private sector investments.

Mr. Rockhold served in the US Navy for over eight years with two tours in Vietnam in 1971-1973. He later served in Thailand, Loa, Iran, and Central America as part of a US Naval Advisory Group. From the late 70’s through the middle 80’s Mr. Rockhold worked with the US Government under direct contract in Africa, Asia and Central America. He returned to Vietnam in 1992 to lead refugee integration and vocational training. Mr. Rockhold is married to a Vietnamese national and they have two children. They own a family farm in the Hau Gaing Province within the Mekong Delta.