Saigontel signs development cooperation agreement with Long An province


Mai Phuong– maiphuongthanhnien@gmail.com25/07/2023 19:05 GMT+7

At the Conference announcing investment planning and promotion held by Long An province on the morning of July 25, Saigon Telecommunications Technology Joint Stock Company (Saigontel) was one of the enterprises that signed a cooperation agreement with the Provincial People’s Committee.

Up to now,  Long An  province is the 10th locality in the country and the first locality in the southern region to be approved the provincial planning for the period 2021 – 2030, with a vision to 2050. During this conference, Long province An also held the signing ceremony of cooperation agreement (MOU) between the Provincial People’s Committee and Saigontel  and partners of Saigontel’s Green Infrastructure Development Alliance.

Saigontel and partners of the Green Infrastructure Development Alliance signed a cooperation agreement with Long An province

This alliance includes Energy Capital Vietnam (ECV), Allotrope Partners Limited (AP), Chart Industries (CI), Babcock&Wilcox Company (B&W)… These are the leading companies in the energy sector  .  clean and environment in the US, accompanies building a roadmap and supporting the implementation of energy technology solutions and green technical infrastructure in industrial parks   invested  by Saigontel.

The specific immediate goal is to develop Tan Tap Industrial Park and Nam Tan Tap Industrial Park into a green industrial park, aiming to  reduce carbon emissions  and become an industrial park with certified global Net-Zero standards. recognized by the first international inspection agency in Vietnam. 

The approval of this cooperation agreement will help build relationships between the parties in consulting on carbon reduction plans and building a Net-Zero roadmap with a vision to 2050 for the whole province of Long An. At the same time, support the province in attracting green development capital; contributing to realizing the aspiration of implementing the commitment of the Vietnamese government to achieve “zero” net emissions by 2050. This orientation is also in line with the climate change response goal of Long province. An last time. The close public-private partnership will contribute to building a roadmap and specific action orientation towards the national Net-Zero goal.

Mr. David Lewis – Founder and CEO of Energy Capital Vietnam – commented: Through the investment promotion activities of the Vietnamese government in the US last year, ECV is very impressed with its strong commitment. and the action programs of the Government of Vietnam towards the goal of net zero emissions (or we often call it Net-Zero) by 2050. That is the reason that Energy Capital Vietnam Company together with A delegation of American businesses was present in Vietnam, as well as at today’s conference in Long An province to join forces with local governments and businesses to focus on infrastructure and energy development in Vietnam. in general, and Long An in particular.

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