The Children Of The Future

Energy Capital Vietnam passionately believes that children hold the key to Vietnam achieving its true potential. At the very grassroots level, access to education and basic facilities such as clean water are essential elements to this future.

For this reason ECV intends to be a supporter of the charity programs run by the Xuan Association, and others like it, which focus on assisting those in greatest need. Since 1993 this charity, run by Dr Chanh Tran Tien, has implemented a variety of educational and child-welfare projects throughout the length and breadth of Vietnam. Typically these have targeted some of the most remote areas and most under privileged ethnic groups to ensure that children can receive educations in safe and healthy environments.

Each year the program grants scholorships to families, builds education facilities and provides sanitation. We invite you to visit their website to see more of their incredible work - and perhaps also be inspired to become a sponsor.